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#FreeWrite: Eye Always Knew

Its something about the energy that arises from, well…. just knowing…without the tangible as evidence of existence, we often limit the power of our minds, which has the ability to create the most beautiful life that can be conceived by the owner of that mind…Eye am the owner of my mind, so eye choose to just know…Eye know that you are a reflection of me, vulnerable at the core but build on a foundation of love, love that was embedded in your DNA upon creation…Eye know Eye see the strength of the earth in your eyes, similar to root of the rose that grew from the concrete, you’ve always known of your ability to blossom thru the harshest conditions while still remaining a rose and embracing all your attributes…. huh…the power of knowing…the power of knowing is surreal to most because knowing takes abandonment of what has been instilled from society and its mediums about self and it forces one to actually learn about self from self which is often met with resistance, well… from self…but not you, you know your journey will continue, you know you will keep growing, you know you will be displaying love in all you do which will manifest into all you desire for you and your seed …Eye know that when knowing becomes the fabric of the mind, clarity and a well lighted path will emerge as a result to fulfill one’s purpose..and that energy is, well…you already know…one love, my queen! Thank you for being an inspiration to the earth and being my reflection… but you already knew that…such is the energy of the power of, well…just knowing…

– Zech Wilson