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New Music: Pre-save the R&B single “I Vow” from @Homemadesoul releases Feb. 10th.

homemadesoul x i vow



Cover Art: Jonathan Banks | IG: @IGrowMoguls

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New Book Release: Ms. Lisa A. Forrest x Parlons Cafe – And The Journey Through a Transcendental Love

Parlons Cafe

Will SEX or LOVE win when Charlie finds love in a very uncustomary way? Come share Charlie’s journey, while peeking in on her exciting and intimate liaisons, as she attempts to figure out what love means to her, and her unconventional approach to accepting it. Parlons Café (And the Journey Through a Transcendental Love),” …is the story of Charlise (Charlie) Langston. An entrepreneur whose answer to disconnecting from social media, is a café where people can socially intermingle in a live environment (as opposed to a virtual environment), and have real live conversations again. Parlons is French for ‘Let’s Talk’, an intentional and apropos name for the café that Charlise created. Parlons is also a story of female empowerment and sexual freedom, while journeying through an unconventional path of learning to love again. Charlie is an independent thinker, with anti-societal views, non-religious convictions, unbridled passion, cyber-sexual inclinations, with a struggle to balance her moral compass.

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#FreeWrite: Love Yourself!!!

Realize that it’s more to you than what you see in the mirror; You are all you need to succeed in life, in other words always look at yourself and in yourself for strength and always have accountability for yourself. Focus on what you want in life and what you have, gratitude is a great place to regain focus and momentum for your desires. Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself in all you do every single moment in life!!! Set goals for yourself and allow that light inside of you to lead you. Start right now from where you are in life!!!

– Pervis C. Wilson
– Zechariah T. Wilson


My Dad and I. | Circa: Philadelphia 2017

#FreeWrite: A continued love …

Just when I thought life had taken away all that I knew and loved, it offered a love that had been there the whole time but due to circumstances, wasn’t able to show itself to be present in my day to day life for the betterment of the whole.   I’ve always loved this love, I embraced it’s heart, it’s mind, it’s energy, it’s touch, it’s acts of service, the open communication it offered, it’s laugh, it’s insight, the introduction of this love was a foundation my growth early in life and shows itself to still be true to this day.

This life is a beautiful reflection of contrast.  I feel my way thru things in life and offer vibrations to match what it is that I desire, so as I continue to build momentum towards those desires, I have moments of not being in alignment which I embrace too because how I feel is an indicator of what I see in my reality.   Learning to embrace the contrast is powerfully stimulating to me because it creates a stage of gratitude which helps me get back in alignment of my desires.  I had been mentally telling myself “self, be grateful for these lowest moments because you know there is a love that is alive in you that will attract the love you knew early in life, which you can see will help you shine your light” because to be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted my light to shine anymore, even as I offered thoughts to build positive momentum, it felt overwhelming to fill the void.

So I stop focusing on the void and started focusing on how I feel about the thought of that love, I immersed my mind into an imagination field that presented me and that love intertwined in day to day life, I fell all the way back in love with myself because that is when I vibrate the highest level of frequency of my desires, I let go of doubts and insecurities, I was playful with the feeling of the thoughts of that love; basically I took the path of least resistance which turned out to be the best thing I could have done because it allowed me to identify with how my thoughts with momentum turn into beliefs. Remember, initially my thinking was that life had taken away all that I knew and love, well thankfully that was not to be the case, the love from early in life had still been vibrating on the same frequency and has shown itself to be in alignment with me to this day; the power of your thoughts are real, the power of manifestation is real, the power of love is real … so I will enjoy, embrace and walk in my power of knowing that what exists is … a continued love …

-Zech Wilson

image credit: HFOS

#FeltLikeSharingAlert: Now You Know You Got A Dream, You’re A Winner!!!


… I am inspired when I see people pursuing their dreams by doing what they love for the betterment and happiness of their lives … I heard a quote that says:

“…funny thing is, we only have control over our reaction to the things we can not control … ”  -Unknown

…that quote encouraged me to share these thoughts I have… I say, pursue your dreams, be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do … so what you fall, get up … so what you know nothing about a topic right this moment, learn it … but people tell themselves, I got my job(s), I got my kid(s), I got a family, I got this, I got that

… guess what? So does everyone in whatever field that interests you in life.  Whether it be real estate, stocks, agriculture, sales, sports, the arts, aviation, entrepreneurship, education, fashion, manufacturing, health, consumer services, philanthropy, technology, etc…no matter what field, those people have that same 24 hrs you do.

Let me ask you, why do you know a lot about the stats, trends and the culture of the dream(s) you have? Know why?  You’re deeply invested from a sideline perspective. Get in the game.

Yet, people come up with the most elaborate things to tell themselves why they can’t purse their dream(s).  And all I’m saying is that, you owe it to yourself to put into motion a mentality that says: “consistency in pursuing my dream(s) is the common denominator” … And you have the capabilities to be consistent in the pursuit of your dream(s) because you have already been consistent in telling yourself why you can’t pursue your dreams and you have mastered that to the extreme!!! Now just reverse that thought process and start mentally, by telling yourself that you can pursue your dream(s) and do THAT consistently.

Start right from where you are today and do something everyday from here on out about your dream(s) and if there is a day that you don’t do anything, immediately forgive yourself, let it go and get back to the dream(s).

Keep a detailed record of what you are doing daily which will build momentum to the point that your dream(s) becomes a part of the fabric of who you are as a person.

I know and most importantly YOU know that there is a dream(s) inside of you that is pulling at you daily and it is eating you alive to pursue it, but you just never do it for factors only known to you. I say,  if it is something that you truly love, inspires you and you want to do, then go ahead and do it with everything inside of you!!! I mean, you spend so much energy, time plus resources on things and people that get you no closer to your dreams, yet your dedication level is unwavering. I just encourage you to be that same way towards your own dreams!!! Dedicated YOU to YOU!!!

I mean YOU are the ONLY thing stopping YOU!!! And that will ALWAYS be the case!!!

… And to those who are already pursuing and living their dream(s), thank you … please continue to inspire and shine your light … the world needs that energy …





– #TheGalaxy

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