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Black Economics: Three Principles for Keeping Your Student Loan Debt Under Control



Business Highlight: Jay Morrison x How to Flip Real Estate vs. Drugs

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Young Minds Can

To organize like-minded individuals of all ages, races, nationalities, regions and religions who empathize with and advocate for the advancement and freedom of African descendants whose ancestors were kidnapped and enslaved in America (New Africans).

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Business Highlight: Financial Literacy 101 in under 4 minutes by Robert Kiyosaki

Many of us today lack basic financial education. We rely heavily on our bankers and our financial advisors which may not always be the best thing to do. We have today different fields and methods of earning. We have the Employees, the Self-employed, big business owners and professional Investors.

Now there’s a difference. Most of us are passive investors. If you have a retirement plan, that’s a passive form of investment. This is Rich dad versus Poor dad. It starts with financial literacy. Financial Literacy means knowing the words or the numbers

The two main words to learn about are Assets and Liabilities. So the reason most people struggle financially is they buy a house or a car thinking it’s an asset when it’s really a liability.

When I have a business, my business is an asset. And this is yet another reason I like real estate – because I use debt, other people’s money.

It’s how best you can utilize it is what will make you rich, not your college degree. Today I own almost 5000 houses and about 4 hotels and every year I add more and the more I add, the more debt I accrue and the less tax I pay. That’s the game. It takes skill sets and practice to do that.
– Robert Kiyosaki



Life Article: Why The Black Community Chooses To Be Consumers and Not Owners. Part 2: Don’t just look like money, have it.

Written By: Ron B. Clark Mar 26, 2014

Nike, Apple, L’Oréal, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes. These are just a few of the brands that black America has bought into and have decided to spend their 1.2 trillion dollar purchasing power on. This is consumerism at its best and it’s running wild in the black community. The black community has lacked to develop the wealth mentality or financial literacy needed to become financially wealthy as a whole. We’ve been unconsciously taught and influenced by our most visible leaders and entertainers to become consumers. It goes as far back as to the 70’s when the once beloved, O.J. Simpson, was doing commercials for Hertz to influence black America to buy into Hertz’s services. It even goes back to the early days of hip hop when Run DMC became brand ambassadors for Adidas, and the Hip Hop community predominately black at the time, bought Adidas’ products. However, there was a time when blacks heavily bought and sold to black owned businesses, this was before desegregation.

Since then our most visible and influential leaders have capitalized off of their successes to gain endorsements from major corporations while influencing black America to unconsciously embrace a consumerism mentality (the poverty stricken mentality) by largely consuming, but has rarely taught or shown the black community the importance of owning. T.D. Jakes once said, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime, but show him how he can buy the pond and no one in his family will ever know struggle.” This is what we in the black community as a whole have neglected to teach and share — ownership; ridding our future generations of the financial struggles we’ve become accustomed to. This thought process is the growth mentality of the wealthy. We need to understand that neither wealth nor poverty are financial issues. Wealth and poverty at their core are mentalities. The amount of money we produce in the physical is a direct result of the financial mentalities we create and build. The black community’s financial mentality has been slow in its maturation process. Our mentalities have been hugely influenced by our current leaders to consume rather than own. In the process we have not developed an understanding of the difference between Assets vs. Liabilities. We’ve been taught to take on liabilities rather than accrue assets. “What we have to understand is that the wealthy work for profits they do not work for wages. They think 1099’s not W-2’s. The poor keep score by cars and clothes, the middle class they keep score by degrees and titles, but the wealthy they keep score by their bank accounts”, as Dennis Kimbro eloquently stated. This is where our mentality has went astray and as a result we have viewed cars, clothes, degrees, and titles as financial cornerstones (assets) in our lives, but they aren’t. They actually put us in deeper debt more times than not.

So, why does the black community spend so much on brands, and products. Is it that companies are advertising heavily towards the black community? No. You’d be surprised to find out that companies spend a very small portion of their advertising dollars marketing towards the black community as compared to what they spend in a whole. “In 2013 ,the top 20 advertisers that spent the most with media focused on Black audiences was a little more than $564 million which is a drop in the bucket compared to the total of $75 billion spent in 2013 on television, magazine, internet, and radio in a whole”, according to Nielsen. So, you see it’s our own and our major influences (made up of mostly entertainers) financial mentalities that have a played a significant role in not achieving wealth. Now, I don’t want to exclude or be misinterpreted of saying that the black community’s mentality is the only reason why we’ve had a difficult time in gaining wealth. As we all know, the extensive and often times brutal history that the people of the African diaspora have had in America. Slavery, Jim Crow, and many more prominent things & events have played a very large part but as we have made large strides in the last century to change the dynamics; in this current time our mentalities about wealth have to change. Before the last 30 to 40 years, the black community never knew what it was like to have much, let alone to be financially rich or wealthy. Therefore, when we were afforded the opportunity to become financially fit, we started valuing the wrong things and we’ve spent the last few decades adjusting and becoming accustomed to having money. However, now that we’ve broken through the financial opportunity ceiling it’s time to turn our mentalities into ones of wealth. Next week, I’ll continue this series discussing the difference between assets & liabilities, and how the black community should view and invest in them.

source: Ron B. Clark


Finances: How To Build Wealth In America by Dr. Boyce Watkins



Business Highlight: The Dave Ramsey Show | I Became A Multi-Millionaire By Mowing Lawns

I Became A Multi-Millionaire By Mowing Lawns
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source: Dave Ramsey


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