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#FreeWrite: Aligned

Your presence is something special and I’m grateful to be able to experience that energy once again.  We’re in a new space in life but the foundation of us has and always will remain authentic. No expectations,  right? Right!!!  Because the freedom mentally feels better as not to be so presumptuous to think that the past will carry us into a new stratosphere of some pure unadulterated love.  It will take the alignment of ourselves with ourselves to tap into the root of the love that is us, in conjunction with all of our life experiences with and without each other over the years. Our souls are akin to source energy and by practicing the art of allowing that will help manifest our deepest desires …
I hear your voice
I feel peace,
I feel pain,
I feel life,
I feel equal
I feel love … No expectations, right? Right!!! Good because I want the  versions of us that comes without limitations of thoughts and or preconceived notions of what we want, as for me, all I’ve ever wanted is for you to be more of the best of you.

I’ve dreamed of days gazing into your eyes and softly kissing your lips, slowly biting and sucking on your bottom lip with my arms slightly wrapped around the small of your back, admist standing in the rain … while the fears, inhibitions, insecurities all fall into the road of life and washed away by our insatiable appetite for geniuness and passion towards one another, all while realizing that we made it this far without any expectations because in actuality we’ve been connected before we came into these bodies and our souls sharing this experience with each other is a reflection of pure love at it’s root … we do good with going with the flow as long as it’s a foundation of honesty … and so we flow into uncharted waters … dangerously intoxicating … carefully constructed by open two way communication of two found souls … now what? … life, that’s what; hence why I just appreciate your presence,  it represents life and love, in it’s most purist form … the journey continues  as the princess falls asleep … Te Amo …

– Tavon Wilson