New Music: @Br3adGangBlazel x O.I.Y.C. (Only If You’re Cool) [Video] | Visuals: @JSpencePhoto


New Music: @RashonMedlock x “The Fray” [Photo/Lyric Video]

With all the ongoing turmoil in our America, I thought this song and lyric video was neccessary to post and help bring awareness to the social ills affecting so many people.  I pray that this music helps in some capacity to heal, encourage and love each other with a true spirit of humanity.

With no futher ado, here is Rashon Medlock’s “The Fray”

By Definition a Fray is: a noisy quarrel or fight; brawl

This video documents an ongoing Fray in America

#FeltLikeSharingAlert: Now You Know You Got A Dream, You’re A Winner!!!


… I am inspired when I see people pursuing their dreams by doing what they love for the betterment and happiness of their lives … I heard a quote that says:

“…funny thing is, we only have control over our reaction to the things we can not control … ”  -Unknown

…that quote encouraged me to share these thoughts I have… I say, pursue your dreams, be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do … so what you fall, get up … so what you know nothing about a topic right this moment, learn it … but people tell themselves, I got my job(s), I got my kid(s), I got a family, I got this, I got that

… guess what? So does everyone in whatever field that interests you in life.  Whether it be real estate, stocks, agriculture, sales, sports, the arts, aviation, entrepreneurship, education, fashion, manufacturing, health, consumer services, philanthropy, technology, etc…no matter what field, those people have that same 24 hrs you do.

Let me ask you, why do you know a lot about the stats, trends and the culture of the dream(s) you have? Know why?  You’re deeply invested from a sideline perspective. Get in the game.

Yet, people come up with the most elaborate things to tell themselves why they can’t purse their dream(s).  And all I’m saying is that, you owe it to yourself to put into motion a mentality that says: “consistency in pursuing my dream(s) is the common denominator” … And you have the capabilities to be consistent in the pursuit of your dream(s) because you have already been consistent in telling yourself why you can’t pursue your dreams and you have mastered that to the extreme!!! Now just reverse that thought process and start mentally, by telling yourself that you can pursue your dream(s) and do THAT consistently.

Start right from where you are today and do something everyday from here on out about your dream(s) and if there is a day that you don’t do anything, immediately forgive yourself, let it go and get back to the dream(s).

Keep a detailed record of what you are doing daily which will build momentum to the point that your dream(s) becomes a part of the fabric of who you are as a person.

I know and most importantly YOU know that there is a dream(s) inside of you that is pulling at you daily and it is eating you alive to pursue it, but you just never do it for factors only known to you. I say,  if it is something that you truly love, inspires you and you want to do, then go ahead and do it with everything inside of you!!! I mean, you spend so much energy, time plus resources on things and people that get you no closer to your dreams, yet your dedication level is unwavering. I just encourage you to be that same way towards your own dreams!!! Dedicated YOU to YOU!!!

I mean YOU are the ONLY thing stopping YOU!!! And that will ALWAYS be the case!!!

… And to those who are already pursuing and living their dream(s), thank you … please continue to inspire and shine your light … the world needs that energy …





– #TheGalaxy

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#HIGHSCHOOLRECRUIT: ALACHUA SANTA FE’S Tyler Hughey (@tyler_hughey22) C/O 2016 [Video]


#22 RB | LB C/O 2016

Santa Fe High School | Alachua, FL.


HEIGHT 5′-10″ WEIGHT 190 LBS BENCH: 260 

GPA: 4.3 | A.C.T. SCORE 29

 Had 85 tackles, 6 for loss, 2 sacks and 2 pass breakups even though he missed three games with injury.

Gainesville Sun All Area 1st Team Defense

NEW MUSIC x SONGWRITER ALERT: @LaudieJ x “The Meeting”

 Laudie J., a singer/songwriter from Miami, Fl. is a name that you will see in some of your favorite artist’s credits here in the very near future.  Already a co-writer on “Transformers” from platinum selling artist J. Dash, she is poised to continue to make a name for herself in the music business.  Armed with a superior voice, extremely well crafted song  lyrics and a very open minded introspective take on life issues that sticks with the listener.  As you listen to “The Meeting” she presents a heart felt message that every girls wants to feel her father’s love and vice versa while offering perspectives from both parties with very descriptive lyrics from the perspective of the daughter “…with no embrace, tears down my face, and still I want to get to know you, have you erased those memories, though I have none looking for some…” and from the father’s perspective “…as I walked away, I turn around, you didn’t open the door, why am I walking away a second time, out of your life, am I out of my mind?, your stubborn like me, could you accept that I once rejected you …” The song offers a insight of how important a relationship or lack there of between father and daughter can affect the outcome of both their lives, very beautiful record.  Her music feels impactful and relevant to me as some our contemporary songwriters of today’s generation like Neyo, Evan “Kidd” Bogart, Keri Hilson, Ester Dean, Stacy Barthe, Pop Wenzel to name a few.  I expect that the name Laudie J. will be a name that is in demand as an artist and songwriter.



New Video/ Mixtape: @DFocis x XXL Freshman Vol. 1 [OFFICIAL RELEASE VIDEO]



Artist: D.Focis

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, RnB

Location: Detroit, MI

Video: D.Focis XXL Freshman Vol.1

Mixtape: XXL Freshman Vol.1

Producer: Various

Description: D.Focis wants you to know that he is planning to be on the cover of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class cover.  He also wants you to understand that he knows you may not quite envision that at the moment. Therefore, he will be working his way to your vote of confidence via a 3 part series called D.Focis XXL Freshman. Vol. 1 is called (Stating My Case) Take a listen and see if you agree that he should be in the running!

Video Link:
Stream/Free Download:




Hamp Cheevers Football Hightlights

HEIGHT 5’11” WEIGHT 165 lbs 40 YD DASH 4.45

Hamp Cheevers, Trenton, Jr., ATH, 5-11, 160: Scored 21 touchdowns — 11 as a receiver (22 catches for 447 yards), 7 by rushing (66 for 551 yards) and 3 on interception returns for 1A Tigers, which reached regional finals; first team all-state selection.

The Florida Class 1A All-State football team

COLLEGE OFFERS FROM: Buffalo, Marshall, Idaho, Mercer, North Carolina Central,Prairie View A&M, Tennessee State, Florida A&M. MANY MORE INTERESTED



BASKETBALL:  20.2 points, 6.7 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 3.5 steals and 2.1 blocks as a guard.

Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) and Source Hoops 2014-2015 Boys Class 2A All-State Teams.

TRACK: In track and field, he finished ninth at 1A state in the long jump, and had a personal record leap of 21-4.5 in placing second at Region 2-1A.

We Are In This Together

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