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#SingerSpotlight: Adora Williams x @ColbieCaillat x “Say You Will”(Original Cover) #STIEP

I write songs based off of inspiration, and I am a big fan of Colbie Caillat. I wrote this song because I believe she would do it much justice with her soothing singing tone. I believe in speaking things into existence and as you may have already figured, this is not a song currently sung by Colbie, however I would like it to be. Please let her know about the song, and let me know what you think. Her twitter is @ColbieCaillat and mine is @AdoraWill. Thanks for listening.

Speak Things Into Existence Project



Business Highlight: Financial Literacy 101 in under 4 minutes by Robert Kiyosaki

Many of us today lack basic financial education. We rely heavily on our bankers and our financial advisors which may not always be the best thing to do. We have today different fields and methods of earning. We have the Employees, the Self-employed, big business owners and professional Investors.

Now there’s a difference. Most of us are passive investors. If you have a retirement plan, that’s a passive form of investment. This is Rich dad versus Poor dad. It starts with financial literacy. Financial Literacy means knowing the words or the numbers

The two main words to learn about are Assets and Liabilities. So the reason most people struggle financially is they buy a house or a car thinking it’s an asset when it’s really a liability.

When I have a business, my business is an asset. And this is yet another reason I like real estate – because I use debt, other people’s money.

It’s how best you can utilize it is what will make you rich, not your college degree. Today I own almost 5000 houses and about 4 hotels and every year I add more and the more I add, the more debt I accrue and the less tax I pay. That’s the game. It takes skill sets and practice to do that.
– Robert Kiyosaki

R.I.P. Prodigy


I just wanted to send my condolences to the legendary hip hop icon Prodigy of Mobb Deep.  This album ‘The Infamous’ is actually partly inspired my moniker, (INfamous 6ixx) but back in ’96 when I got it, it stayed in my walkman for months on end, from riding the Marta to work, to church, to school and back home, I just couldn’t get enough of this music.  P’s stories and verses were so descriptive, it always made me feel like I was there in the story.  Great ability to present vulnerability and grit at the same time, explaining life in Queensbridge, on the 41st side … P’s voice and flow was special; him and Havoc have a integral part of my late teens and early 20s as far understanding song structure, production, how to connect to an audience and the ability to not give a fuck and just say how you feel; I can’t front either, listening to the music connected in such a deep way for the first time I actually pictured a place that made me feel like I was back home in Philly with the aligning of so many heartbreaks, hustles and just grittiness of everyday life.  R.I.P. P, you taught me not be a ‘Shook One’ cause there definitely isn’t anything such Halfway Crooks … Prayers to all in your circle of life … #Love #MobbDeep

New Music: MoZaic x ‘Unexpected Turns’ Redux

Mozaicsoul released of a set of remixes for her critically acclaimed EP ‘Unexpected Turns’ ( – 9/10). The project is produced by Okito featuring the guitar talents of Sean Kantrowitz and emcee skills of James Midaz Carter. This remix project titled ‘Unexpected Turns REDUX’ is currently available on all major online outlets (itunes, spotify, amazon music, google play, rhapsody, etc).