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Heavily loaded with the preconceptions of what it takes to make a true Texas artist in this EP Gin Oakain Freestyles with hopes to bring the listener closer to himself. His unexplainable ability to give his heart with no corrections or coercion to give anything other than truth plays throughout this EP.  – Sweargin


New Mixtape: Yung Bleu x Investments 4 (Full Mixtape)

Yung Bleu Investments 4 Yung Bleu – Back Then Yung Bleu – Be Like That Yung Bleu – Call Me Daddy Yung Bleu – Do Or Die Yung Bleu – Enemy Lines (Interlude) Yung Bleu – Fight For Me Yung Bleu – First Feat. NBA Youngboy Yung Bleu – Fuck The Streets Up Yung Bleu – Legendary Yung Bleu – Mean Machine (Feat. Shad Levi) Yung Bleu – On The Line Yung Bleu – Play Time Yung Bleu – Too Many Friends Yung Bleu – True To The Game Yung Bleu – Watch My Drip

Download Investments 4 by Yung Bleu


New Mixtape: Steelo I.B. x Practice #StayTruu

Steelo I.B. x Practice

Listen: STEELO I.B. x Practice

Steelo I.B. is back with his new mixtape called ‘Practice’. The project features notable industry instrumentals in which he displays an upward trajectory of subject matter, culture influencing, lyricism, flows and intricate rhyme patterns with overall pride in being a superior MC that is displayed on any verse he touches.  ‘Practice’ is strengthen by Steelo’s ability to showcase in-depth growth as an artist as well as the ability to paint a canvas of society and the music industry in it’s current terms; which has happened on each project from the Virgin Islands’ native, an example of that is on the “Made You Look Exhibition” Steelo raps “…niggas unarmed/cops let the glock sing a love song/to a black man/cuz they love dat/hate to see a nigga getting success/now that’s real hate, not jealousy/this a system that look at us as the enemy…” Lines like these are compelling and shows that Steelo is well aware of the injustices that predicate our society and also not allowing the stresses of life to stop your focus on your purpose and to always forge on because in the next line he says “…so I could give a fuck if a nigga throwing shade/ with sunshine, children never know how to behave/ it’s crunch time, something like MJ with the fade/a Sensei with the blade, get the fuck up out my way, it’s Lo…”  Powerful lyrics that reasonate and had that on repeat for me!!!  The only feature is from his brother and stand out MC in his own right,  Jaunee Be as they go back and forth in an exchange of shrewd and witty lines from both MCs on the ‘Love Me Exhibtion’ track, Jaunee raps “… this ain’t Cairo, Rome filthy, Babylon fall til then collect gold for when the dollar withdraws, drop jewels pick up gems, no illusion involved, stay truu what???…” and Steelo professing “…I know I said I was the best, but my bro’s better, I used to love Clipse but I think our flows better…” I absolutely appreciate the confident humility in artists, so when I hear lines like those, it gravitates to the kid in me that grew up loving Hip Hop MCs who were able to showcase the human factor we all possess with memorable bars.  Other stand out tracks include “Humble Exhibition”, “Keep Ya Head Up Exhibition” & “Life Exhibiton”.  Steelo does a great job grabbing some clever interludes and samples mixed in with picking some classic beats, while delivering stand out culture defining verses across the board.  ‘Practice’ has the potential to cast his name into the industry spotlight of conversations of dope MCs that we should be taking note of and to me, he has certainly established himself as top tier MC in the industry.  Steelo’s verses are so pristine and effortless that one can tell that one of his past times is ‘Practice’ … yes we’re talking about ‘Practice’!!! Definitely check out this project for the new wave of what’s to come in Hip Hop!!!  #StayTruu

-The Galaxy

Twitter: @SteeloIB

Instagram: @SteeloIB

Mixtape: Rakim x The God MC (2017) Mixtape

Mixtape of Rakim’s solo songs put together by The Mixtape King

1. The 18th Letter (Always And Forever) (00:00)
2. When I B On Tha Mic (03:01)
3. Message In The Song Ft Destiny Griffin (06:47)
4. New York (Ya Out There) (10:40)
5. Documentary Of A Gangsta Ft I.Q (14:44)
6. Waiting For The World To End (18:56)
7. The Saga Begins (23:00)
8. Put It All To Music (27:22)
9. Mystery (Who Is God) (31:24)
10. How I Get Down (36:45)
11. Holy Are U (40:51)
12. It’s Been A Long Time (44:57)
13. We’ll Never Stop Ft Connie McKendrick (48:54)
14. Flow Forever (53:13)
15. Uplift (57:24)
16. Working For You (1:00:34)
17. Show Me Love (1:04:50)
18. I Know (1:09:09)
19. Psychic Love (1:13:16)
20. When I’m Flowin (1:16:44)
21. Strong Island (1:21:49)
22. It’s The R (1:26:23)
23. Still In Love (1:30:38)
24. Euphoria Ft Jadakiss, Styles P & Busta Rhymes (1:33:21)

New Video: Keshon x D Two x “Finer Things” |Film: | Mixtape Included #MindOverMatter


Twitter: @Spiffed_upKeyz

IG: @Keshon_va


Mind Over Matter Mixtape

Ke$hon x Mind Over Matter Mixtape



The 4 Presents: Bo x No Filter [Mixtape]

Bo No Filter

Alachua, Fl’s new artist Bo offers up his new mixtape ‘No Filter’.  The newcomer shows that his brand of rap is raw, uncut and unapologetic.  Bo takes pride in bringing the listener into his world of identifying with always being authentic in these concrete jungles.  Immediately your attention is grabbed by his commanding voice and confidence in his flows while having the ability to showcase brash lyrical ability on “How We Do It” and “Pocket Watchin”. He also shows his distain for women who are self absorbed looking for attention with nothing to offer on “Doin Too Much”.  Bo seems to be at his best when he dives into more serious topics about life and family with records like “Need Help” & “Grown Man” that show a side of him that is well rounded and shows his compassion while displaying introspective thoughts that balances street mentality and everyday issues that are relatable to the masses. Bo brought in some quality features with the likes of Florida staple Frank Lini on “Pay Attention”, Swift Dollas on “The Land”, T Row “Get To It”,  Whamm on “Raw”,  and Florida Boi Pritty on 2 tracks “Dope D*ck” and my personal favorite “I Seen It All” and my other personal favorite off the tape features SOB on “I Am”.  All in all this tape will be in the rotation for the summer, he did a solid job of introducing us into the life of Bo ‘No Filter’.

Listen Here: Bo x No Filter [Mixtape]

Contact Info:

Facebook: Bo Robinson sr.
SnapChat: Bo.xxsr1
IG: Bonation_

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Cj Wakeley x Magic (Official Video)

Alachua, Florida’s own CJ Wakeley drops a new video “Magic” off his lastest mixtape ‘Code Talk’ out now and can be streamed right here->

Instagram: Cj_Wakeley
Twitter: Cj_Wakeley
Facebook: Cj Wakeley
Snapchat: Chasinchekks
Management: Tay 352-682-2068

New Video/ Mixtape: @DFocis x XXL Freshman Vol. 1 [OFFICIAL RELEASE VIDEO]



Artist: D.Focis

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, RnB

Location: Detroit, MI

Video: D.Focis XXL Freshman Vol.1

Mixtape: XXL Freshman Vol.1

Producer: Various

Description: D.Focis wants you to know that he is planning to be on the cover of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class cover.  He also wants you to understand that he knows you may not quite envision that at the moment. Therefore, he will be working his way to your vote of confidence via a 3 part series called D.Focis XXL Freshman. Vol. 1 is called (Stating My Case) Take a listen and see if you agree that he should be in the running!

Video Link:
Stream/Free Download: