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#FREEWRITE: P.O.L.R. (#PathOfLeastResistance)

… A beacon of light reflects a beacon of light but the naked eye sees a shadow, one must look deeper than the surface because even tho a shadow appears outwardly the reflecting light is internal, in order to see that light one can depart and weather the conditions to take the Path Of Least Resistance …

… On that Path all the experiences we’ve experienced has set the stage for each moment

this moment

and the next moment

that just became the last moment

which I pray will lead to everlasting moments

the last time I’ve ever felt this kinda of moment

is every time with you

in the future that I get to spend a moment

Ever since I saw you last, well it’s been a moment

let’s make this last a moment

your spirit, your mind & your beauty is breathtaking

let me catch my breath, give me a moment

and in that moment

I’m battling inner demons and the mirror is my opponent

you represent the righteousness of all my relationships gone wrong

you are my ATONEment

Inspired by watching you

You are a self love proponent

Egulfed by how you connect with your higher self

no MAC but I love the makeup of your components …

… Inhale, Exhale, Breath still being gathered, no flatline, pulse is being staggered,

Walkin the Path Of Least Resistance with ease

attracting you is better than Cash Money, BABY

you help clear the Lil WEEZ that was stuck in my airway of Love since a JUVENILE

let’s take this temp up to 400 degrees

No BABY GANSTA that’s B.G.,

you Captn Gansta, so I salute you Queen

Seductively biting your lip, looking at me like a BIG TYMER sayn to urself


not a Prince but my King from Philly that I upgraded now he Jazzy nonetheless

plus he tapped in & his spirit aligned,

so I deal with him as if he’s already mines”

Well, atleast that’s the script that plays in the theater of my mind

and it’s exZECHly what I feel in the pidder padder of my heart’s feet

how our soundtack is in tune to the beat and dance to the rhythm of the drum

our spirits are added together

and love becomes the sum

by dividing past hurts

then subtracting the pain

no longer fractions of ourselves

we are whole numbers again

And the equation of what we gain

is the Path Of Least Resistance, so

we multiply in abundance to continue our existence …

… Inhale, Exhale, Breath finally being caught

Pulse consistently flowing

alignment holds court

Elevation on a Galactical level

Sharing truths with respect

No fear of reprisal

sharing stories of survival

The feeling of a week long revival

emersed in the messages from one another

no concern of a title


we ride the wave

then dive deep past the shadows of the surface that we hide


to go into the depths of the soul

where the internal light resides

when the Path Of Least Resistance is achieved

then as a beacon of light we’ve arrived …

– Zechariah T. Wilson

#FreeWrite: Self Destruction

The destruction of our youth is rampant.  I don’t claim to know the solutions but we must as a community come out and start to be more vocal of what we are willing to accept in our neighborhoods because at the rate we’re headed we will destroy ourselves. Seeing so much violence is a product of issues festering and brewing so I propose an opportunity for us to come together as a community to have an open forum to discuss some solutions for the future of our community. These precious children need guidance, love and opportunities.

– Zech Wilson

#FreeWrite: Aligned

Your presence is something special and I’m grateful to be able to experience that energy once again.  We’re in a new space in life but the foundation of us has and always will remain authentic. No expectations,  right? Right!!!  Because the freedom mentally feels better as not to be so presumptuous to think that the past will carry us into a new stratosphere of some pure unadulterated love.  It will take the alignment of ourselves with ourselves to tap into the root of the love that is us, in conjunction with all of our life experiences with and without each other over the years. Our souls are akin to source energy and by practicing the art of allowing that will help manifest our deepest desires …
I hear your voice
I feel peace,
I feel pain,
I feel life,
I feel equal
I feel love … No expectations, right? Right!!! Good because I want the  versions of us that comes without limitations of thoughts and or preconceived notions of what we want, as for me, all I’ve ever wanted is for you to be more of the best of you.

I’ve dreamed of days gazing into your eyes and softly kissing your lips, slowly biting and sucking on your bottom lip with my arms slightly wrapped around the small of your back, admist standing in the rain … while the fears, inhibitions, insecurities all fall into the road of life and washed away by our insatiable appetite for geniuness and passion towards one another, all while realizing that we made it this far without any expectations because in actuality we’ve been connected before we came into this body and our souls sharing this experience with each other is a reflection of pure love at it’s root … we do good with going with the flow as long as it’s a foundation of honesty … and so we flow into uncharted waters … dangerously intoxicating … carefully constructed by open two way communication of two found souls … now what? … life, that’s what; hence why I just appreciate your presence,  it represents life and love, in it’s most purist form … the journey continues  as the princess falls asleep … Te Amo …

– Tavon Wilson

#FreeWrite: … the now, the you, the me, the kids … the we

Embracing the idea of thinking of us and no longer strictly just me is where my thoughts travel and land in my everyday mental trip. At some point before this, it felt like delusions of grandeur on the surface of life’s ocean but the strong undercurrent of unwavering commitment to knowing has presented this manifestation into the physical. Step by step, I learned walk without you and that was perceptionally hard in that current time space reality yet the strength that was gained allowed me to run now… but this time not away from you, but to you, ready for you, mentally mature and confidently assure of you. No longer questioning, if I am good enough, no longer placing you on a pedestal on the unattainable but identifying with you at face value which has brought all truths that otherwise wouldn’t be recognized…I have been undermined by my own mind in the past about you but the beauty in the contrast has allowed me to grow to be present because the contrast displayed my insecurities, my fears of being alone, my inadequacies and ironically my strength to see the beauty in all this disarray of my reality … now my reality intertwines and connects with the trilogy of seeds you’ve bore that need love, admiration, freedom, wisdom, protection and honor all of which transcends my own self interests and wants, I embrace this responsibility of … the now, the you, the me, the kids … the we … 

#FreeWrite: Closed Mouth …

I laughed at myself the other day so hard, like duh Zech, lol … so recently I asked myself, what is a major reason that I wasn’t married yet, so after going thru all the relationships I’ve been in and going thru all of the usual why the relationships didn’t work out, etc… (btw I take FULL & COMPLETE responsibility for my relationships not succeeding, I could have been a better man across the board … #realrap) but anyway after sifting thru it all, the quote “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” came to mind and I realized that, for starters …

…. I ain’t never asked anyone to marry me … now obviously other major factors are included with being married but that gave me a good laugh, like “duh Zech, you gotta ask bro” lol …

… I’ll be a great husband and father one day I know that sincerely … once I decide to ask … 🙂


#FreeWrite: Eye Always Knew

Its something about the energy that arises from, well…. just knowing…without the tangible as evidence of existence, we often limit the power of our minds, which has the ability to create the most beautiful life that can be conceived by the owner of that mind…Eye am the owner of my mind, so eye choose to just know…Eye know that you are a reflection of me, vulnerable at the core but build on a foundation of love, love that was embedded in your DNA upon creation…Eye know Eye see the strength of the earth in your eyes, similar to root of the rose that grew from the concrete, you’ve always known of your ability to blossom thru the harshest conditions while still remaining a rose and embracing all your attributes…. huh…the power of knowing…the power of knowing is surreal to most because knowing takes abandonment of what has been instilled from society and its mediums about self and it forces one to actually learn about self from self which is often met with resistance, well… from self…but not you, you know your journey will continue, you know you will keep growing, you know you will be displaying love in all you do which will manifest into all you desire for you and your seed …Eye know that when knowing becomes the fabric of the mind, clarity and a well lighted path will emerge as a result to fulfill one’s purpose..and that energy is, well…you already know…one love, my queen! Thank you for being an inspiration to the earth and being my reflection… but you already knew that…such is the energy of the power of, well…just knowing…

– Zech Wilson

#FreeWrite: Love Yourself!!!

Realize that it’s more to you than what you see in the mirror; You are all you need to succeed in life, in other words always look at yourself and in yourself for strength and always have accountability for yourself. Focus on what you want in life and what you have, gratitude is a great place to regain focus and momentum for your desires. Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself in all you do every single moment in life!!! Set goals for yourself and allow that light inside of you to lead you. Start right now from where you are in life!!!

– Pervis C. Wilson
– Zechariah T. Wilson


My Dad and I. | Circa: Philadelphia 2017

#FreeWrite: A continued love …

Just when I thought life had taken away all that I knew and loved, it offered a love that had been there the whole time but due to circumstances, wasn’t able to show itself to be present in my day to day life for the betterment of the whole.   I’ve always loved this love, I embraced it’s heart, it’s mind, it’s energy, it’s touch, it’s acts of service, the open communication it offered, it’s laugh, it’s insight, the introduction of this love was a foundation my growth early in life and shows itself to still be true to this day.

This life is a beautiful reflection of contrast.  I feel my way thru things in life and offer vibrations to match what it is that I desire, so as I continue to build momentum towards those desires, I have moments of not being in alignment which I embrace too because how I feel is an indicator of what I see in my reality.   Learning to embrace the contrast is powerfully stimulating to me because it creates a stage of gratitude which helps me get back in alignment of my desires.  I had been mentally telling myself “self, be grateful for these lowest moments because you know there is a love that is alive in you that will attract the love you knew early in life, which you can see will help you shine your light” because to be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted my light to shine anymore, even as I offered thoughts to build positive momentum, it felt overwhelming to fill the void.

So I stop focusing on the void and started focusing on how I feel about the thought of that love, I immersed my mind into an imagination field that presented me and that love intertwined in day to day life, I fell all the way back in love with myself because that is when I vibrate the highest level of frequency of my desires, I let go of doubts and insecurities, I was playful with the feeling of the thoughts of that love; basically I took the path of least resistance which turned out to be the best thing I could have done because it allowed me to identify with how my thoughts with momentum turn into beliefs. Remember, initially my thinking was that life had taken away all that I knew and love, well thankfully that was not to be the case, the love from early in life had still been vibrating on the same frequency and has shown itself to be in alignment with me to this day; the power of your thoughts are real, the power of manifestation is real, the power of love is real … so I will enjoy, embrace and walk in my power of knowing that what exists is … a continued love …

-Zech Wilson

image credit: HFOS