#FreeWrite: … the now, the you, the me, the kids … the we

Embracing the idea of thinking of us and no longer strictly just me is where my thoughts travel and land in my everyday mental trip. At some point before this, it felt like delusions of grandeur on the surface of life’s ocean but the strong undercurrent of unwavering commitment to knowing has presented this manifestation into the physical. Step by step, I learned walk without you and that was perceptionally hard in that current time space reality yet the strength that was gained allowed me to run now… but this time not away from you, but to you, ready for you, mentally mature and confidently assure of you. No longer questioning, if I am good enough, no longer placing you on a pedestal on the unattainable but identifying with you at face value which has brought all truths that otherwise wouldn’t be recognized…I have been undermined by my own mind in the past about you but the beauty in the contrast has allowed me to grow to be present because the contrast displayed my insecurities, my fears of being alone, my inadequacies and ironically my strength to see the beauty in all this disarray of my reality … now my reality intertwines and connects with the trilogy of seeds you’ve bore that need love, admiration, freedom, wisdom, protection and honor all of which transcends my own self interests and wants, I embrace this responsibility of … the now, the you, the me, the kids … the we … 

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