#FreeWrite: Closed Mouth …

I laughed at myself the other day so hard, like duh Zech, lol … so recently I asked myself, what is a major reason that I wasn’t married yet, so after going thru all the relationships I’ve been in and going thru all of the usual why the relationships didn’t work out, etc… (btw I take FULL & COMPLETE responsibility for my relationships not succeeding, I could have been a better man across the board … #realrap) but anyway after sifting thru it all, the quote “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” came to mind and I realized that, for starters …

…. I ain’t never asked anyone to marry me … now obviously other major factors are included with being married but that gave me a good laugh, like “duh Zech, you gotta ask bro” lol …

… I’ll be a great husband and father one day I know that sincerely … once I decide to ask … šŸ™‚


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