@Dreizaya x “Room 4 Me” Produced by @justdisrupt | @Looptheory_inc

So I caught this leak about a month ago on Youtube and the vibes feel good. Dre Izaya flipped his normal rap style and added melodic flows to some of his new work and this is an example. The Chicago MC is showcasing his versatility. “Room 4 Me” is produced by Disrupt, who is a constant collaborator with Dre. I love this song for the relatability as Dre let’s it be known ” … I’ont put in this work to end off as great friends, naw I need more than that … ” so he is making it clear to her that he wants to be with her for the long haul; and who hasn’t been there before? I know I have and I can appreciate his honesty. From his socials I can see he is working on a project (The Blue Tape Series) so be on the lookout for new music from Dre Izaya.







New Video: Erik Jerrod @jrodhomie x “Still Holdin On” | Filmed by: @Lionel_Rawlings

” … the realest rapper walking and I’ont need no gun in hand … ” proudly stated by Erik Jerrod on his new single and visual “Still Holdin On” which is an uplifting & empowerment song filled with smooth lyrical flows and thought provoking bars to match with more lines like … you know the one thing that makes a man trill is making sure your family str8 for real for real … ” & “… unbreakable spirit tough, they can’t kill us, the smartest thing we ever did, was never give up … ” which is so great to hear from an MC in today’s climate. This was shot in D.C. by Lionel Rawlings of lionskey_productions and captured sights, artwork and landmarks of the recent protests. I was truly impressed with the concept, his style of rap and the visual offering from Erik Jerrod, be sure to stream his new project “Let Whoever Think Whatever” Album Available Now: https://ffm.to/lwtw

Erik Jerrod online: https://www.instagram.com/erik_jerrod https://www.twitter.com/jrodhomie

Filmed 🎥by: @lionel.rawlings @lionskey_productions

New Video: @alxbanin x “about april” | video by: @michael_delro

Songstress Alex Banin visual for “About April” takes you on an artistic visual roller coaster rooted in beautiful simplicity with the scenes, this video was done by Michael Del Rosario. She is working with the Music Collective Loop Theory out of Chicago and that is how I found out about Alex. Her vocals are so soulfully intoxicating and will have you in a space of tranquility even as the trials and tribulations of breakup is showcased thru the song. She is one of my new favorite singers, so I’m excited for her future!!!

Be sure to look out for more amazing content from Alex Banin, she is a sure to be a mainstay in the music business.

About April by Alex Banin Video Directed, Shot & Edited by Michael Del Rosario Stream/Download About April: https://www.looptheoryinc.com/aboutapril Follow Alex Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alxbanin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alxbanin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alxbanin Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/AlexBaninSpotify SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/alxbanin

Follow Michael https://www.instagram.com/michael_delro/ https://twitter.com/michael_delro

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Alex-banin-about-a…

New Video: @jonswaii_ x “cut” | Shot and edited by @XhonDang

Jon Swaii created a visual/music series called “The Neighborhood” and is in his second season, “Cut” is the 1st episode from the new season. Armed with passion in his raps, Jon constantly does a great job of delivering highly skilled bars with introspective content and dope flows. He is an artist that continues to show and prove why we’ll be hearing his name in years to come in hip hop. Be sure to follow and keep up with Jon Swaii.

Shot and edited by @XhonDang

Stream the full song here https://open.spotify.com/track/058SDJ…

Nate Joël @natejoel95 – 40 days & 40 nights (Cook boy Cook Vol. 32) | Shot: @StevenMuela | Mix: @vadnole

Nate Joel is back with his Cook by Cook video series, this called 40 days & 40 nights. Shot by, Steve Muelz who continues to display his skills that enhance the visual experience of the immaculate rhyming on display. Nate Joel’s ability to craft bars to jab at your thought process with lines like “hard truths ain’t soft spoken” mixed with wittiness “Time is of the Essence I think I got a face for both” and self reflection “Only biting the fruit thats belonging to me, in event Eden is within, I’ve been planting the seeds” offers versatility that is much needed in today’s climate of Rap. All while showcasing his unique cadence with in pocket flows is an added plus as a listener and the pristineness that we hear can be attributed to the mix from engineer Vad Nole.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Nate Joel, no matter what you know he gonna Cook boy Cook and with Steve shooting you will be entering a vibe. Be sure to follow them both and catch up on past videos. Links below.

-Zech Wilson

Cook boy Cook http://smarturl.it/natejoelasilive https://genius.com/Nate-joel-40-days-…

Shot by : Steve Muelz

Mix by : Vad Nole


https://www.instagram.com/natejoel95/ https://www.instagram.com/stevemuelz/ https://www.instagram.com/vadnole/

New Single: dhf x “Magic”

Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer dhf, (fka Jacob Avis) is back with new R&B single “Magic”, a seductive intoxicating record that is enhances a romantic night and puts you in the mood to be with that special someone. This comes off his highly anticipated new project under that same name ‘Magic’ slated for a Feb 20th release date.  Be sure to get in tune with dhf, he is a smooth crooner that is on the rise.

 ℗ 2019 Pennamejacob Publishing Company

Written/Produced/Performed: DeMario Hardmon-Fort

New EP: WANGSOLO X The Last Wanger

The Last Wanger (EP) by WangSolo

The evolution of the artist formally known as B.i.g J The Frothy Main‘s musical career has been one of the most fascinating things to watch well over the last decade as he continues to expand his creativity’s sonic reach and charts another level of his evolution as an artist, incorporating new, versatile flows and revealing more aspects of his personal life and back-story.

The artist is formally known as “Frothy Main” now, “WangSolo” takes a trek across the world with his newest project The Last Wanger (EP), showcasing the many different forms of his music. The entire EP is like a melting pot of culture, with influences from soul, pop, reggae, and hip-pop with everything in between. “The Last Wanger” encapsulates and blends together everything that’s extraordinary about Alachua County’s modern music movement.

Hip-hop fans already knew he could rap, but “LatchKey” exhibits the unapologetic style and uncompromising confidence that makes him a star, but his penchant for complete vulnerability makes his records so engrossing that it’s hard to press stop — even though it may hit a little close to home for those with similar experience. Honestly, just play this album if you’re feeling lost and let it be your guiding light to tranquility.

Alegal ^

Infamous “6ixx”

Peak Level Productions

For Booking:

#FREEWRITE: P.O.L.R. (#PathOfLeastResistance)

… A beacon of light reflects a beacon of light but the naked eye sees a shadow, one must look deeper than the surface because even tho a shadow appears outwardly the reflecting light is internal, in order to see that light one can depart and weather the conditions to take the Path Of Least Resistance …

… On that Path all the experiences we’ve experienced has set the stage for each moment

this moment

and the next moment

that just became the last moment

which I pray will lead to everlasting moments

the last time I’ve ever felt this kinda of moment

is every time with you

in the future that I get to spend a moment

Ever since I saw you last, well it’s been a moment

let’s make this last a moment

your spirit, your mind & your beauty is breathtaking

let me catch my breath, give me a moment

and in that moment

I’m battling inner demons and the mirror is my opponent

you represent the righteousness of all my relationships gone wrong

you are my ATONEment

Inspired by watching you

You are a self love proponent

Egulfed by how you connect with your higher self

no MAC but I love the makeup of your components …

… Inhale, Exhale, Breath still being gathered, no flatline, pulse is being staggered,

Walkin the Path Of Least Resistance with ease

attracting you is better than Cash Money, BABY

you help clear the Lil WEEZ that was stuck in my airway of Love since a JUVENILE

let’s take this temp up to 400 degrees

No BABY GANSTA that’s B.G.,

you Captn Gansta, so I salute you Queen

Seductively biting your lip, looking at me like a BIG TYMER sayn to urself


not a Prince but my King from Philly that I upgraded now he Jazzy nonetheless

plus he tapped in & his spirit aligned,

so I deal with him as if he’s already mines”

Well, atleast that’s the script that plays in the theater of my mind

and it’s exZECHly what I feel in the pidder padder of my heart’s feet

how our soundtack is in tune to the beat and dance to the rhythm of the drum

our spirits are added together

and love becomes the sum

by dividing past hurts

then subtracting the pain

no longer fractions of ourselves

we are whole numbers again

And the equation of what we gain

is the Path Of Least Resistance, so

we multiply in abundance to continue our existence …

… Inhale, Exhale, Breath finally being caught

Pulse consistently flowing

alignment holds court

Elevation on a Galactical level

Sharing truths with respect

No fear of reprisal

sharing stories of survival

The feeling of a week long revival

emersed in the messages from one another

no concern of a title


we ride the wave

then dive deep past the shadows of the surface that we hide


to go into the depths of the soul

where the internal light resides

when the Path Of Least Resistance is achieved

then as a beacon of light we’ve arrived …

– Zechariah T. Wilson

#BusinessHighlight: “It’s Not Crazy, it’s Purpose” Podcast hosted by Angelica Williams @awmanagement

AW x It’s Not Crazy, it’s Purpose

Congratulations to Angelica Williams on launching her brand new podcast “It’s Not Crazy It’s Purpose”. Angelica is the owner of A.W. Management, a Consultant, a Marketing Maverick, a Fashion Stylist and Mother. Making impactful business strides in Gainesville, Fl. via community service events and business-lifestyle empowerment events, Angelica’s new venture is sure to be another success.  We wish her the best and look forward to tuning in!!!
-Zech Wilson
Listen on

Find Out More About Angelica Williams

We Are In This Together

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